Instrument Rating ACS: Topics

From the table of contents of the instrument rating ACS:

I Preflight Preparation
A Pilot Qualifications
B Weather Information
C Cross-Country Flight Planning

II Preflight Procedures
A Airplane Systems Related to IFR Operations
B Airplane Flight Instruments and Navigation Equipment
C Instrument Flight Deck Check

III Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures
A Compliance with Air Traffic Control Clearances
B Holding Procedures

IV Flight by Reference to Instruments
A Instrument Flight
B Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes

V Navigation Systems
A Intercepting and Tracking Navigational Systems and Arcs
B Departure, En Route, and Arrival Operations

VI Instrument Approach Procedures
A Nonprecision Approach
B Precision Approach
C Missed Approach
D Circling Approach
E Landing from an Instrument Approach

VII Emergency Operations
A Loss of Communications
B One Engine Inoperative (Simulated) during Straight-and-Level Flight and Turns (AMEL, AMES)
C Instrument Approach and Landing with an Inoperative Engine (Simulated) (AMEL, AMES)
D Approach with Loss of Primary Flight Instrument Indicators

VIII Postflight Procedures
A Checking Instruments and Equipment